Henderson , Ontario
Welcome to the Dead Creek Black Bear Outfitters
of Ontario, Canada.

Attention:  Our M.N.R.F has announced on
February 19, 2016 that Ontario will have a spring
bear hunt once again starting this spring 2016.  The
hunt is a 5 year pilot project at this point.  
Non-residents are being allowed to participate.  In
light of this we have decided to try a spring hunt
this year.  Our first hunt would start May 23, 2016
and the 2nd May 30, 2016.

Dead Creek Bear Outfitters is located in beautiful southern Ontario, just 1 hr. North of
Kingston Ontario, we provide you with a top notch fall Black bear hunt.  You need not go
to Northern Ontario to enjoy a successful Black bear hunt.

In 2003 we acquired our black bear management area (bma) from the owners of Gold
Russ Haven Resort.  Being a life long resident, hunter and trapper of this area it was a
natural fit.

We prefer to keep our hunter numbers at not more than 12 over the first two weeks of
the season.  The quality of the hunt is most important to us.
Our camp was built new in 2008 on a small private lake and will accommodate up to 8
hunters at a time.  We are off the grid so we use solar and propane to provide cooking,
showers, lighting, fridge etc.

We also have some excellent fishing here in our numerous near by lakes.  There are
Pike, Walleye, Bass, Trout, Pan fish etc. within minutes drive of the camp.  

You may also want to bring your A.T.V to explore the area as you are allowed to run
A.T.V's on our roads with proper insurance and helmets.  Side by sides are not permitted