What you need to know about your hunt:

● Full 6 day hunt;  One bear per hunter.

● 80 square mile of exclusive bear management area.  Active Baits.  ATV's Welcome, bring insurance and
helmets as ATV's can be driven on public roads. Side by Sides welcome.
Transportation to stand supplied if needed.

● We cater to bow, rifle and muzzle loader hunters.  Guns and bows must be in cases 1/2 hour before sunrise and
1/2 hour after sunset. For gun registration information - http://www.cfc.gc.ca

● We provide ladder stands and ground blinds, but bring your own favorite if you like. Bring a comfortable safety
harness.  We have a place for you to shoot your bows and rifles; please practice at home from a tree stand or
from a blind.  A clean kill is what we all want.

● Things to bring: Hunter safety certificate or old hunting license from the State you live in or an old Ontario
License, safety harness, rain gear, hunting/skinning knife, Gun case or Bow case, Bug suits, Large cooler for
transporting bear meat, camo hunting clothes and hunter orange,  (Large vest and Hat)  Stand (optional),
sleeping  bag, towels, snacks, beverages, food.  Many U.S.A hunters now have a Ontario outdoors card.  

● Be sure not to forget your passport & birth Certificate ETC.

● Deposit of $500.00 within 30 days of booking and Balance due in Sept. on arrival.

● Deposit non refundable after April 1,  for spring hunt.

● Deposit non refundable after July 1,  for fall hunt.

● Refund subject to $200.00 handling fee.

Unfortunately we are finding that we must be more strict with Bookings and Deposit procedures.  By not obtaining
the deposit well in advance it is too easy for hunters to back out late in the year making it impractical to fill the
spots, reorganize baits and accommodations etc.

Please feel free to call with any questions.

●    Absolutely no Alcohol or Drugs before or during hunt.
●    Hunt is over upon clean kill or wounding or 2 misses.
●    Hold harmless agreement must be signed before hunt
●    Blaze orange must be worn to and from stand.
●    Hunters must leave stands at preset time in evening
●    Helmets must be worn on A.T.V's at all times

Thank you for checking our website.  Good luck and good hunting